Senior Pastors

pastorsDrs Basil & Anne Tryon are the Visionary Leaders and Senior Pastors of New Covenant Fellowship (NCF), which they founded in August 1986. They have been involved in full-time ministry since 1977 and have an International Ministry conducting and ministering in conferences in various countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Colombia & the USA.


Dr Basil Tryon is regarded as one of the Key Leaders in the City of Durban and is a much sought after conference speaker. He has a passion to see the Body of Christ “Empowered to Prosper” and “Reigning as Kings in Life”. He preaches the undiluted, uncompromised Word of Faith with authority, and firmly believes that we are “Blessed to be a Blessing to the Families of the Earth”.

Dr Tryon is a Pastor to Pastors and a Father to many ministries both locally and internationally giving guidance, support and oversight. He also has a Television Ministry entitled “Reigning as Kings” which is broadcast daily to hundreds of millions of people across Africa, Europe and the USA. He has also authored over 20 books.

Dr Anne Tryon, who is fondly known as ‘Ma Anne’, has a heart of compassion for the poor, destitute, down trodden and the disadvantaged. She oversights the Covenant Crisis Care Centre (CCCC), which is the social development wing of NCF dealing with the empowerment of the poor and disadvantaged individuals and families and the Haven, which houses destitute widows and orphans. She also has a major impartation in Praise and Worship both in the local church and to other churches.

Drs Basil and Anne have a wonderful marital and family relationship and are role-models to hundreds of married couples and families throughout the city. They were married on the 27th March 1970.  They have 4 children Michelle, Sherwyn (& Amanda), Shantall (& Alan) and Crystal and 5 grandchildren, Michal, Rachelle, Daniel, Carmelle and Kyra.

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