Ordained Pastors



Full-time Associate Pastors:

New Covenant Fellowship has 2 Full-Time Ordained Pastors:


Pastor Dale Makka has been a member of New Covenant Fellowship (NCF) since October 1986. He has grown up under the ministry of Dr Basil Tryon and has been an active member of NCF since then serving in various departments. After working in the Banking Industry for a number of years, he began his pastoral training in February 2000 and was officially ordained as a Minister of the Gospel together with his wife, Natisha, in August 2003. Pastor Dale is an Elder and a member of the Church Presbytery and is married to Natisha. They have 4 children: Destiny, Eden, Elrich and Victoria.

Responsibilities & Areas of Management:
Church Band/Musicians, Covenant Faith Bookroom, Media, Administration, Basil Tryon Ministries and Covenant Bible College International


Pastor Qwen Spalding has been a member of NCF since 1994. Prior to coming into the Full-Time Ministry, he was involved in business, but served faithfully in the local church. During his training under Dr Basil Tryon he served in many departments including Praise & Worship, Men’s Dept and Crisis Care and was officially ordained as a Minister of the Gospel in July 2009 together with his wife, Susan. Pastor Qwen and Susan have 2 daughters, Donna-Rae and Simone Jessica and 1 son, Christian.

Responsibilities & Areas of Management:

Junior Youth, Praise & Worship, Counting Room, Administration, Building Maintenance, Ushers, Hosts and Crisis Care